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Custom Built Bikes for Saigon Lifestyle and Terrain

Saigon is not Famous for its road conditions, The Honda 67 and Cub Factory have combined 7 Years of experience to develop Bikes that turn heads and are fun to ride.
The Wild Cat

Famous in Saigon for its comfortable riding postition this bike has a 125cc engine with gear ratios to match. 


- Big Carb

- 110km+

- Custom Exhaust

- Upgraded Brakes

- Upgraded suspension

The Ridge Runner

Inspired by moonshiners crossing boarders to smuggle liquor this bike is built for a quick get away.


- 110cc stock or 125cc option

- Upgraded suspension

- Clip on handlebars

- Custom Mudgaurd


Cafe Racer

The Cafe racer combines striking colours a hot exhaust and turns more heads than Saigon Cafes.


- Option 50cc / 110cc or 125cc engine

- Low Clip on handlebars

- Race number

- Upgraded suspension

- Missile on header

- Lay over riding position

- Chrome footpegs

- Custom exhaust

- Custom seat and tail cover

The Forrester

The Forrester is the most practical in power to weight, comfort and riding enjoyment. Great for the forest or the muddy flooded city streets


- Option 50cc / 110cc or 125cc engine

- Cruiser handlebars

- Upgrade suspension

- Luggage rack

- Dirt tires

- Big Tank

- High mounted carb


The HotDogger

The most Famous bike to come from the Factory because of its Hot Looks, Throatie notes, Bold colours and when the Saigon cops arn't looking street long wheelies!


Get one while they are Hot!


- high spec 125cc

- Upgraded rims

- Upgraded suspension

- Wide Handlebars

- Missile on header


The G I Joe

Influenced by Vietnam's long history with war it is camo green!




- 50cc / 100cc / 125cc

- Matt Green

- Custom seat



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